Meet the Team

Our employees are experts in all areas of property management and real estate thanks to years of experience, continuing education and training. Our talented team’s breadth of experience is diverse and expansive and because of that we can offer an extensive list of value-added services.

Jim Heglund portrait

Jim Heglund
President, REALTOR

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Call: +1 (616) 942-7055
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David Sova
Vice President, REALTOR

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Call: +1 (616) 540-9765
Emily Pantlind portrait
Emily Pantlind
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Call: +1 (616) 644-6747

Search listings for a new home


Our Services Include:

  • Access to all Grand Rapids & surrounding areas MLS listings
  • Notifications through E-mail for new & reduced listings
  • Assistance when YOU want & need it, hassle-free
  • Representation as a buyers agent
  • Advanced Search
  • Map Search
  • Mortgage Calculator
Selling a home


We promise to use our best efforts in promoting your home by:

  • Accurate evaluation of property
  • Comparison of similar properties
  • Strategic forms of advertising
  • Obtain a win-win contract and negotiation